Are children allowed in your studio?

YES! Children are always welcome in our studio. We were all children at one point. We even have a few extra diapers for those emergency situations! And absolutely, we welcome mothers nursing their children.

Can I change the colour or fabric of a ready to wear design?

Yes, you can change the colour and or the fabric of any ready to wear design in the showroom. There is a 15% surcharge that looks after sourcing the new colour or fabric.

Do I need an appointment to visit your showroom?

No, my showroom is open to anyone during open hours. Please come browse and see what I’ve been designing. You never know what you may fall in love with. If you are coming to see me regarding custom work, I do suggest making an appointment. I want to ensure you have my devoted attention when discussing your custom possibilities.

Do you alter bridesmaids, mother of the bride or fitness posing suits bought from other stores?

No, we do not alter bridesmaids, mother of the bride or fitness posing suits bought from other stores. We suggest working with the manufacture directly to resolve any fit issues.

Do you alter wedding dresses bought from other stores?

Yes, we do provide alteration services for wedding dresses that have been bought from other stores. Our ability to provide this service depends on the current work of our studio. Our customers always come first in our schedules. We would suggest calling for a consultation to determine if we have the time in our schedule to help you out. Please be aware, our alteration prices are more expensive than your local seamstress. We are a fashion design studio with 22 years of accredited experience and press. All alterations must be paid in full before any work is scheduled or begun.

Do you charge for consultations?

September 24, 2014

It is with great regret I have to now take a 50$ deposit to book a consultation regardless of the nature of work involved. There have been an excessive amount of inconsiderate people that tie up time and simply do not show. This is a waste of time for everyone. It blocks off time for other clients that want to come and do business and it wastes my time in the studio.

My consultations will forever remain FREE at no charge. I’m happy to share my time and experience with anyone.

If you decide, during your consultation we are not a match I will refund your deposit before you leave. If you decide to go ahead with our business, the deposit is deducted from your final invoice. If you call 96 hours before your consultation to cancel it, I will also refund your deposit.

Please remember, you DO NOT need an appointment to shop at my studio. I welcome all walk ins to come at your leisure to check out what I’ve been up to. If I’m free I’ll gladly come down and help out you. If I’m busy, my staff will do their best to look after your needs. I do not want anyone to feel pressured to pay a deposit.

Please accept my apology for introducing this policy.

Clients that are a no show for their first consult will be charged 100$ to rebook another consult. This 100$ is not a deposit and is an actual charge. 

Do you have dresses for plus size women?

Yes! I have dresses in my ready to wear line for plus size women and custom designs are always available in plus sizes. I had the privilege of designing and creating a wedding dress for Miss Plus Canada, Stephanie Conover.

Do you have ready to purchase dresses or is your showroom strictly custom work?

My cocktail/party designs are available for ready to purchase. My bridal collection is strictly custom.

I am always designing new bridal, cocktail and prom/evening designs throughout the year. I will always compete any alteration that is required on my ready to wear designs free of charge.

Do you offer volume discounts for bridesmaid dresses?

No, I do not offer volume discounts for bridesmaid or any combination of designs. I appreciate the trust my customers put into my work however, there is no machine that I can dial up a number that will spit out any multiple of any design. I hand design and sow each piece of work by myself. Three bridesmaids or 8 bridesmaids dresses just means more work.

Do you sponsor girls/women entering pageants?

No, I cannot sponsor a particular person for any type of pageant. I’m asked several times a year to sponsor girls/women for a particular pageant. It becomes a nightmare not to show favouritism for a particular person or pageant. What I do offer is 25% savings off your pageant dress regardless if you’re running for Miss Tecumseh Corn Festival Queen to Miss Universe Canada.

How are deposits handled for custom orders?

All custom orders that have a delivery date less than 30 days MUST be paid in full before any work will be begin.

All custom orders that have a delivery date greater than 30 days require a 50% deposit to begin any work. The final payment is due once the custom order is completed.

How do I get in contact with you?

Please feel free to either call the studio or use our email to reach out.  Our contact information is found at the bottom of each page of our website.

When we are with a client, we do not answer the telephone. Please leave a voice message and we will get back to you within one business day excluding voice messages that are left on the weekend. These messages will be returned on Tuesday. We will only use the telephone to schedule/change an appointment.

Our email is on our contact page. We have it pre-programmed to make it easy to use.  Once you send your comment/question it goes directly into our inbox. We will than be able to reply to your email.  You cannot send us an attachment in your initial email using our contact page. We have set it up this way to eliminate spam. Once we reply to your initial email, you will be able to send us attachments.  We use email to provide quotes on any custom or alteration work. We will return all emails within one business day excluding emails left on the weekend which will be return by Tuesday.

We use Facebook as a light form of communication. We do not facilitate most business questions on our Facebook.


How do I purchase your clothing?

You have two options when purchasing our clothing. You can;

  1. Come in person to our studio.
  2. Call us on the telephone and we’ll facilitate your order and have it shipped to you by UPS.
How do I schedule or change an appointment?

The only way to schedule or change an appointment is by telephone. Our scheduling system is a dynamic program. We cannot hold time while waiting for emails or Facebook messages to be answered and verified. Emails and Facebook can be used for general conversation regarding work being completed by our studio.

How many fittings are schedule for an alteration?

For simple alterations we schedule two fittings after your consultation. The first fitting double checks the alterations we completed from the initial consultation. We use this 1st fitting to make sure we got it right. The second fitting is your “day of pick up” DOP. At this fitting, we have you get into your dress one final time to make sure everything is perfect. Your dress is fully steamed, iron and show ready. It’s ready to go home.

For complex alterations we schedule a third fitting. We complete half of the alterations from the consult on a complex alteration. This allows us to gauge how the dress is changing in relation to fitting your body. We call this fitting our conscience check.

At the day of pick up (DOP) your dress is ready to be taken home. We can hold your wedding dress closer to your wedding date. We do charge an additional 50$ to re-steam and iron your dress for another future pick up date.

How many fittings are scheduled for a custom design?

We schedule a consultation and 4 fittings for a custom design.

The consultation is a meeting to discuss the type of custom dress you would like made. We review design options. We sketch preliminary designs. We start the process of selecting fabric. We prove you the final price of the design being commissioned. Please understand, we are not a seamstress. If you are looking for someone to simply use a pattern and make you a dress that is not us. We will use your design influences and than create a dress that also incorporates our flair and finish. Please review our website to ensure you like the work we do. We are custom fashion designers.

We will order fabric and have you verify it before we begin to cut the design. This stage may take two verifications depending on the type of fabric we are sourcing.

The first and second fittings review the style of the dress. The design is no more than 50% completed. We pin it around you and ask what you like about the design and what you want changed. In these two fittings, anything can change to ensure what we are designing is what you want.

The third and fourth fittings review the fit and finish of the design. We ensure the design fits you and is comfortable. We want to ensure you look and feel your best in our design. The fourth fitting is your day of pick up (DOP). Your design will be steamed, iron and show ready.

If you would like us to hold your design after your day of pick up (DOP) there is a 50$ charge to re-steam and iron your dress.

If you feel you require more than three fittings (the consultation, first and second) to settle the design of your custom order, we will schedule as many additional fittings as time permits at a cost of 50$ per addition fitting. The only time constraint will be the day you need your design.

How many people can I bring to my fitting?

You can bring as big a crowd as you’d like. We are kid and breast feeding friendly. Please remember your fitting appointments (regardless if its for an alteration or a custom design) are scheduled so you have a direct audience with Rodney. This provides you time to discuss the work that has been completed and the work that still needs to be completed. You do not want your entourage to steal your limelight and take away from the time you own to discuss your alteration or custom design. You want to use your time to talk about how you feel concerning the work that has been done and what you would liked finished. Remember, you are the client.

Pictures and videos are great ways to record the progress of your fittings but, don’t let them become the main part of your fitting. Don’t let them hijack your fitting. After 23 years we have several clients get frustrated because their fitting appointments become a photo shoot where its more important for family and friends to capture the fitting on film than allowing the client to talk one on one with Rodney on how they feel about the work that has been completed and the work that needs to be completed.

In rare circumstances, we have intervened and limited the amount of people that can accompany the client during their fittings. Choose your crowd wisely.

How much notice is required for a custom made design?

Depending on my schedule I can sometimes accommodate very last minute requests – example, making a cocktail or wedding dress in a weekend. For all potential clients, even if you haven’t nailed down your final design I strongly suggest booking my time ASAP to ensure I can design for you.

Is there a charge for in house alterations?

No. There are no in house alteration costs. It is my job as a fashion designer to ensure the design you purchase fits you correctly and comfortably. This responsibility is mine and mine alone. All alterations are completed by myself in my studio. Nothing is “farmed” out to a third party. I control the entire design and sowing process.

What dollar currency do you use on your website?

We are a proud Canadian company that quotes all prices in Canadian dollars.