Wedding Dresses


Shopping for a wedding dress used to be an exciting experience. Wedding parties and families would join a bride on an afternoon and have fun trying on dresses. It used to be fun. Now, it seems its a head ache and another chore on the “to-do-list” for the wedding. Now, choosing a dress has more to do with availability and supply chain mechanics than falling in love with a certain design. Wedding dresses are made in factories in either China or Spain (for the most part) for the world market. Wedding dress distributors have no control over a plant’s production and need to negotiate with warehouse SKU availability. These distributors work effortlessly to make magic happen on getting a specific wedding dress design to a specific bride.

Once the dress arrives, alterations are required because factories make wedding dresses in industry standard sizes. Women do not come in industry standard sizes. Each one of you is a beautiful combination of sizes from bust, under bust, hips and waist. There is no right or wrong measurement combination. Dresses are ordered to your largest body measurement and need to be altered to fit. Sometimes this alteration is quite easy and sometimes it changes the overall shape of your dress. It’s a lot of work and nervousness.

Couture WeddingHaving your wedding dress custom made is a wonderful experience. You control the process from selecting your fabric, your style and overall shape of your design. Over 15 years of designing wedding dresses, I find some women fall in love with multiple dress but have to settle for just one of them. My custom experience allows brides to build their dress incorporating all the parts they loved of separate dresses. I always provide my fashion input to ensure the final design is a compliment of inputs and not a disaster of competing design influences.

Weddings have become everything from traditional cupcake ballgowns in white to couture gowns worn at Halloween wedding masquerades. Wedding venues have grown from banquet style settings to orchard or barns. My studio ensures all unconventional wedding dresses look fabulous. Nothing is more disappointing than having an unconventional wedding, wearing a wedding dress that looks like a costume. Being unique means wearing couture. Having your wedding dress custom designed allows you to make sure you get what you want and it will fit with your wedding theme. There’s no reason to settle. My designs work in four different formats;

1. I design a custom dress based on my interpretation of a brides personality.

2. I use all fashion style inputs a bride brings to me (pictures, magazines the internet – Pinterest is a great tool for this!) and design her custom wedding dress. Please understand, I will use your fashion influences and than add my own creative input into the final design. Paying homage to another designer’s work is flattering. Stealing their creative work is unacceptable.

3. I work backwards for those brides that don’t know what they want but know exactly what they don’t want in their wedding dress.

4. I have an incredible collection of RETAIL wedding dresses that can be ordered in any brides size. This selection allows a bride that is nervous of a full custom experience to still get a wedding dress hand made to her measurements.

Depending on the complexity of the final design, brides will have a consultation and 3 or 4 fittings.

Custom Wedding Dress









In the consultation, the bride decides on the style of her dress, the fabric and all embellishments (i.e. crystals, beading etc). The final price is also determine which will not change during the entire custom process. In the first fitting, the design is 30% complete. The lining is pinned around the bride to make sure the style that was selected looks good and its still being requested. We’ve all bought clothing in the past, thinking it was a great idea than realizing a few days later, it was an absolute mistake. I provide my professional feedback as well to tweak the style making sure it’s perfect. In the the second fitting, the design is 70% complete and we tweak final style adjustments and work on making sure the fit is comfortable and functional for your wedding day. The third/final fitting looks after final comfort alterations and the hem. For complex designs, I add a second “first” fitting where the design is still 30% complete but all style adjustments are reviewed from the first fitting.

Booking my time is more important than settling on your wedding dress design. I’ve taken months to work with a bride on creating her wedding dress to spending a dedicated weekend with one bride to complete her dress. Since your dress is being made here in St.John’s, we control the time it takes to make it. My custom process brings back all the fun in getting your wedding dress. I invite brides to invite anyone they wish to attend their fittings. I make sure it’s a family and friendly environment.