Although the core business of our studio is our retail line of wedding and women’s formal dresses and custom design and creation or all women’s fashion, we are thrilled to help clients with completing alterations to wedding dresses that are purchased outside of our studio. We appreciate the trust that is placed in our studio, experience and equipment. We also appreciate being included into a client’s special day. Time that is available for outside alteration is dependant on the amount of time allocated to custom work designs. This makes it critical for bridal customers to book time within our schedule to ensure we can look after your alterations.

We are designers and not seamstresses. This makes us specialists with regard to alterations. There is no alteration we cannot handle. There is no modification we cannot complete. Only your imagination and budget will limit the final outcome. Our sowing equipment is industrial which provides us the tools to get the alteration done right and on time. We hold replacement value insurance for any wedding dress that is left in our care. Wedding dresses are stored in an independent climate control room that has its own alarm system wired to a monitoring company. It is our job to provide absolute stewardship of wedding dresses left in our care. These are the minimal requirements when you consider the emotional and financial effort that brides have put into finding their own wedding dress.

We appreciate all the trust clients provide our studio to care for and complete alterations however, we no longer are able to complete alterations to bridesmaid dresses, prom/grad dresses or mother of the bride dresses. We have made the decision to prioritize available alteration time to our speciality which is wedding dress alterations/modifications.

Time Deposit Program

We sell time in the same fashion that a hotel sells rooms. Once our time is purchased we cannot accept new clients. Booking a professionals time is more important than having their work completed. We allow our bridal clients to purchase two working fittings and a pick up date for 250$. This ensure our bridal clients you own time within our schedule and our studio will look after your alteration needs.  We work backwards from your wedding date, paying attention to your specific personal pick up date requirement when selecting your two working fittings and your pick up date.  Once your dress arrives, you need to call the studio and book a consultation. At your consultation we will work with you to determine what alterations need to happen and what modifications you’d like to seen completed. We will also provide you the final cost of your alteration.

Alteration costs at our studio are dependant on the complexity of your dress, amount of work required and allocatable time. Alteration costs range between 200$ to 400$. The time deposit is subtracted from your final alteration total to provide you with the balance. At this time, we either refund the difference or you pay the outstanding balance.  The Time Deposit Program gives brides a sense of security that their alterations will be completed on their time table and to their comfort level.

Alteration Fitting Schedule

All wedding dress alterations have the following fittings scheduled at 1 hour intervals;

  1. Consultation
  2. 1st working fitting.
  3. 2nd working fitting.
  4. Pick up

During the consultation you will be put into your wedding dress and all work that is required to make your dress fit will be discussed and agreed upon. We will also discuss any modifications that you would like done to your wedding dress (examples: hand beading crystal work, adding a belt, removing or adding crinoline, changing the neckline, adding any type of sleeves). At the end of the consultation you will be given your final cost of alterations. If you enrolled in our Time Deposit Program, we deduct the 250$ you have already paid for your time from the final cost of your alterations.  All alterations must be paid in advance at the end of the consultation.

During the 1st and 2nd working fittings we have you put on your wedding dress and we check on the work that was agreed upon at your consultation. We want to make sure the work that was done was correct. We also want to give you (the bride) the opportunity to bring up anything that could have been missed during the consultation or anything that has come up new because your wedding dress is now fitting your body. We schedule one hour for each of these working fittings. Please use this time to your advantage. You can bring as many people with you for advice.

During the pick up we have you put on your dress for one final time. We have steamed your dress, completed all the alteration/modification work. Your wedding dress is now “show ready” for your wedding day.

We have selected 4 hours for this schedule of fittings based on our 25 year history in the bridal industry. If you believe you want more fittings to settle your own stress or comfort level, we will schedule additional fittings at a 50$ charge per 30 minute window. There is no limit to the additional fittings you may want to schedule on top of the 4 hours we start with.